For brief context, my name is Meagan and I’m an early-stage investor at Lerer Hippeau. It’s been about a month since I joined the team, and I recently thought about Gen Z investors (born ’95 or later) that are investing in Gen Z entrepreneurs/companies.

The tweet that started it all…

That thought became a tweet, and led to conversations with 71 young investors working in venture capital and growth equity, at accelerators/incubators and student-run VCs, and as angel investors — all born ’95 or later, aged ~18 to 25 years old.

I asked everyone four key questions that will be…

by Meagan Loyst, Early Stage VC at Lerer Hippeau

For EdTech founders. NYC founders. Education enthusiasts. This one’s for you!

When I think about what it means to be “Building with Purpose,” Zach Sims and what he’s building with Codecademy is the perfect example (and why I’m so excited to chat with him as BWP’s first interview). Codecademy was founded back in 2011 in Zach’s college dorm room. Fast-forward to today, Codecademy has served more than 45 million learners and in a way that makes learning to code both accessible and affordable. …

For brief context, my name is Meagan Loyst and I’m an early-stage investor at Lerer Hippeau and the Founder of Gen Z VCs. EdTech is an area I’ve focused on since the beginning (see tweet below) and continue to spend time in (see my “Top 4 EdTech Trends I’m Watching as a Seed Stage Investor” article here, which won an award from ASU + GSV!) — and with this article, I’m going to dive into a new perspective on education focusing on the student experience.

EdTech trends & companies I’m following from seed to growth.

I’ve read a bunch of…

Venture capital is a notoriously opaque industry. There is no formal recruiting for venture capital and few ways to understand what the industry is actually like from the inside. We’re here to change that. Gen Z VCs is launching our pilot peer-mentorship program connecting students and recent grads looking to break into venture capital with young investors and platform professionals.

Gen Z VCs was created as a way to connect young venture capital investors around the world. The group grew like wildfire. In one week, the Slack went from 30 to 1,600 members. Today, 4,000+ members are a part of…

The power of community & peer-to-peer learning in a crowded D2C consumer EdTech landscape.

A particular topic that’s been front and center in the VC community lately is community — how it’s becoming an integral source of revenue for creators, drives long-term retention for consumer companies, and has created a string of startups in-and-of itself in community management tools.

I think the intersection of community and EdTech is quite interesting. …

Some quick background: EdTech is a space that is impact-driven, tangible, and seeing a massive uptick in adoption across the value chain due to COVID-19. Some say that consumer adoption has been brought forward by a magnitude of 5–10 years, lowering customer acquisition costs and driving a great deal of staying power and habit formation in the minds of consumers. And for a space that had ~3% digital penetration pre-COVID, investors are taking notice and figuring out which areas of EdTech and companies are truly here to stay for the long haul.

As an investor at Lerer Hippeau focused on…

The under-appreciated Chrome GTM strategy & how Toucan is taking on the world of language learning.

I first came across Toucan seeing tons of instances, like the one below, on Twitter where people and companies were buying and owning words. I was definitely intrigued, and quickly learned that this was an incredible growth hack and monetization strategy for an EdTech company called Toucan.

Kate has been a long-time leader in the education space — We talk about navigating K-12, the changes in delivering online education, the convergence of B2B and B2C in EdTech, and more!

Kate Eberle Walker has had a pretty incredible career journey in education, both with startups and more traditional companies in the space. Here’s a quick snapshot:

If you don’t know who John Katzman is, you’ve probably been a beneficiary of one of his startups without even knowing.

  • Have you studied for the ACT, SAT, GMAT, MCAT, or LSAT through the Princeton Review? Founded by John Katzman.
  • Have you attended an online course or program through your University? 2U (NASDAQ: TWOU) likely enabled that. Founded by John Katzman.
  • Have you searched for an online school or graduate program? Noodle. How about tutoring? Noodle Pros. Attended an online program/university? Noodle Partners. I sense a theme here… all founded by John Katzman!

Needless to say, John knows a ton…

Let’s talk language learning! And selling EdTech with a B2B lens.

In recent years, the concept of “Education-as-a-Benefit” has become more prevalent. Companies are realizing that in today’s economy, it takes more than just traditional benefits to retain employees.

In 2018, LinkedIn put together a report on the workplace, which indicated that 94% of employees surveyed said they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career. Education is also the 3rd most requested employee benefit (behind paid family leave, and remote/flexible work options).

It’s less expensive for companies to retain existing employees than hire and train…

Meagan Loyst

VC @ Lerer Hippeau | Founder of Gen Z VCs | Advisory Board @ Girls Who Invest

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